Episode Guide

Ep 10: Haunted Houses and Clashing Spouses

AIRED: Dec 22 10/9c

Ep 9: A Hallway Eyesore and Boxes Galore

AIRED: Dec 15 10/9c

Ep 8: Designer Blues and Tiny Rooms

AIRED: Dec 8 10/9c

Ep 7: Design on a Dime and Mannequin Crimes

AIRED: Nov 30 10/9c

Ep 6: Sofa Hang Ups and Design Shake Ups

AIRED: Nov 23 10/9c

Ep 5: Saltwater Problems and Dental Disasters

AIRED: Nov 16 10/9c

Ep 4: Shabbat or Not and Workout Woes

AIRED: Nov 9 9/8c

Ep 3: Spreadsheets and Sweet Treats

AIRED: Nov 2 9/8c

Ep 2: Designer Demands and Big Boy Plans

AIRED: Oct 26 9/8c

Ep 1: The Ghost and the Grotto

AIRED: Oct 19 9/8c